SWL Robotics


SWL Robotics is an American marine robotics manufacturing company established in 2009. Our revolutionary and patented ROV has 360 x 360 HD live viewing capability. Our 360-ROV also carries more than 74,000 lumens of white, cool, and UV light on board giving you a perfectly balanced and vivid shot. That is about equivalent to about 74 dive lights following you around!

The feeling you get when you put your VR goggles on and watch the videos you can produce with this unit is unbelievable. Instead of recording a small segment of the picture, you are capturing all angles around you. From recording your 100ft dive in 360-degree videos to hull inspections of cargo ships, this vehicle is alone in its class. We serve a variety of markets, from security and marine service companies to yacht owners. You will come to love our passion and first-class touch