The 360-ROV is a high definition, 360 spherical, modular ROV and lighting system


Immerse yourself like never before with the 360-ROV

The 360-ROV embarks on a mission to solve important issues that are currently facing drone operators. The 360-ROV uses eight high-definition cameras and a powerful computer to create a seamless, LIVE 360 spherical video. This means that you can pilot the ROV and look around as though you were transported to the drone's location. Current ROV operators know that one of the reasons for a crash is the inability to visually confirm obstacles that are not in your direct line of sight. Now, using the 360-ROV's technology, if you want to turn left you can check what is in your way by simply turning your head to look at a different camera angle. The days of breaking your tether or getting entangled are gone. You no longer need to move the unit in order to see under, above, or to the sides of your current location. If you are using a standard VR headset, such as Oculus Rift, all you should do is look in that direction.

The rapid pace of improving technology is both positive and negative for operators nowadays. Just like the smartphone industry, the unmanned industry is helped and plagued by the speed at which new technologies emerge into the market. Current ROVs do not have the capability to adjust their systems based on technological advancements; therefore, if you purchase an ROV today, you will likely find yourself purchasing a new unit in its entirety once technological upgrades have been made to that particular model within a year’s time frame. The modular design of our ROV allows us to upgrade your unit for just the cost of the single upgrade. As cameras and other technology on your 360-ROV improve, we can upgrade just those components instead of you purchasing a completely new vehicle.

Lighting is the last piece of the puzzle that makes our product different from other current 360 spherical rigs and ROVs. Our unit shows up to the scene with more than 74,000 lumen of warm, cool, and UV light. That's roughly equivalent to 74 dive lights following you! This allows the operator or cinematographer to compensate for the lack of light as the vehicle descends deeper into the ocean and balance their picture for optimal viewing. Whether you are inspecting the hull of a cargo ship or recording a deep-water experience for your cruise ship passengers, light becomes key especially while operating at night. Imagine having a 360 record of your hull inspection to provide to your customers as verification for their insurance companies.  An internet connection will allow you to upload your videos directly to online video platforms or stream your dive to your followers on social media platforms.

Whether you are using the 360-ROV for your business or personal needs, you will be able to immerse yourself in our water worlds like never before.  At SWL Robotics, our goal is to continue to facilitate exploration and discovery of the last great unexplored area on our planet. Do you have what it takes to be an ocean explorer?