Immerse yourself like never before

The founding team at SWL Robotics, Inc. has a long history in the Unmanned and Robotics industry. The founders have owned drone businesses since the late 1990s and have military aviation and marine experience dating back to the 1970s. Why is this important? Because this means that the team that designed, manufactures, and assembles the 360-ROV knows what works and what doesn't in this complex and growing industry. When you take this knowledge base and love for our water world and combine it with the limitless capability of Virtual and Augmented Reality, you get SWL Robotics' first product: the 360-ROV.

Try this: Ask people around you if they know what a drone is; then ask them to describe it for you.

What you will find is that most people will tell you that drones are "the flying helicopter things that take pictures". This answer describes the trend of the majority of the drone industry. You will find that most companies are trying to penetrate the air drone space creating a highly competitive and increasingly saturated environment while ignoring other lucrative theaters. While the applications for air drones are still innumerable and will continue to evolve in the near and distant future, the founders at SWL Robotics decided to look where there were less entrants into the market and immeasurable growth potential: Marine ROVs and USVs.

Our team decided to combine two new technologies that up until now had not been paired frequently: drones and 360 video. The team created - and is now ready for pre-orders of - the 360-ROV that is a high definition, 360 spherical, modular underwater drone that is versatile enough to work long hours conducting underwater inspections on oil rigs, underwater cabling operations, to recreational content development. The 360-ROV will allow you to work hard and play hard in the same package.

The founders at SWL Robotics understand that one of the key obstacles to adoption and increasing the popularity and use of VR/AR technology is the creation of new hardware for content development. Currently, hardware in the VR/AR space has been defined as the development of the headsets and goggles that people wear to experience VR games and 360 videos. While there is a growing volume of content being created and significant improvements in VR wearables the camera hardware used to film the content has lagged. There are only a handful of robust 360 degree camera platforms available on the market today and that is significantly reduced when focusing on marine environments.

In 2017, YouTube was estimated to have more than 1 billion active monthly users where YouTube 360 had slightly less than 3 million. SWL Robotics wants to help the industry grow the number of 360 users to surpass that of regular YouTube users and our product is designed to spur that growth. It's widely accepted that we know less about our oceans today than we do about outer space. SWL Robotics is on a mission to change that and bring the experience of our water worlds to everyone.